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John Hafner, Attorney at Law, PSC

"I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations." ~James Madison

Criminal Defense

This law firm aggressively represents clients in a wide range of criminal matters, in both the federal and state courts, at trial and appellate phases.  If you or someone you know has been (or may be) charged with a misdemeanor, felony, or DUI offense, we encourage you to call now for a free initial consultation.

DUI Defense

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs ("DUI") is a serious criminal offense that must be addressed immediately.  John Hafner, Attorney at Law, PSC will aggressively protect your rights, your freedom, your driving privileges, and your reputation. 

This firm will lead a thorough investigation of your charges and will first seek to successfully resolve your case without the cost and risk of a trial.  If we discover through our investigation that your Constitutional rights have been violated or the police officer(s) involved did not follow proper policies and procedures, this firm will vigorously seek to get the charges against you dismissed prior to a trial.  If necessary, we will also work to tactfully prepare your case for trial or negotiate the best plea offer on your behalf.  Retaining the right trial attorney and scientific experts to attack the charges against you can substantially increase your likelihood of success.  

This firm also represents many clients from out of state who get arrested while visiting here. Our office can make all court appearances for you, thereby allowing you to continue working without interruption.

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